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Commiskey Wheat gave away a K-Bar plaque built by our on Presidential helicopter pilot Wiley Sellers. At the show any Marine, Navy Corpsman or Navy Chaplain was able to register for free for this drawing. We were able to get over 50 names, addresses and phone numbers so we can use in recruiting. This Marine is Wanda Magers the Sr. Vice of the General Louis H. Wilson Detachment. That is ok we wanted all Marines to sign up. We had a great show to raise money to help veterans.
Commiskey Wheat Detachment at Wildlife show raffling off a rifle to raise money to help veterans.

Commiskey-Wheat Detachment Sr. Vice Commandant Addison telling Poolees about the Marine Corps League and how when they become Marines one day how we would like them to join the League.
Poolees were being instructed on Navy Federal banking and about opening a account before they go to boot camp.
Poolees and Recruiters that the Commiskey-Wheat Detachment hosted for their once a month Saturday training day.
Recruiters putting Poolees through some physical training and afterwards, the Commiskey-Wheat treated Poolees to hamburgers and hotdogs.
Recruiters going over physical training with Poolees
Here is the Commeskey Wheat Detachment replacing the flags at Jack Lucas, Roy Wheat graves and laying a wreath at Henry Commeskey grave. Memorial Day 2017.

A good showing of Marines from the Commiskey Wheat Detachment at the Veteran's Home in Collins, MS. They cooked for and served the Veterans. I believe all enjoyed the fish and fellowship.

Marine Cliff Addison received the Southeast Division Marine of the Year (CARTER AWARD).
Marine Cliff Addison is from Commiskey-Wheat Detachment 1073 and
is the Department Junior Vice Commandant.


In the picture (from left to right, front row) are Marines Robert Robertson, Robert Hall, W.C. Maples, and Associate Sarah Broome.

(from left to right, back row) are Marines Tom Drumm, Bill Lamar, Billy Henderson, Ron Polk, Pat Tutor,
Jeff Broome, Jim Aust, and Cliff Addison.
Past Department Commandant Pat Tutor attended Commiskey-Wheat Detachment 1073 Past Commandant Royce Nation's 90th birthday party today (February 15, 2015) in Hattiesburg.

In the picture (from left to right) are Past Department Commandant Pat Tutor, Frankie Tutor, Nell Nations, Past Detachment Commandant Royce Nations, and Commiskey-Wheat Detachment Commandant Robert Hall.
Richard hard at work! Raising money for the Marine Corps League. What I do for my country. Carwash sponsored by Hooters of Hattiesburg for the Commiskey Wheat Detachment 5K in September.
Clifton Addison was selected and presented the 2014 Marine of the Year at the Department of Mississippi 2014 Convention and was presented by Past Commandant Patrick Tutor.
Pile of toys collected during HQ building dedication in Hattiesburg, December 14th. Left to Right is Rufus Dunham, Cliff Addison, Jr.Vice W.C. Maples and Commandant Richard Wills.
JC Hooker Detachment worked in a joint project with the Oxford High School MCJROTC collecting food for the Oxford Food Pantry. Total collection was 1000 lbs of food. The MCJROTC Commanding Officer is Col. Doug Cromwell and the SNCOIC is MSgt McCarty.
Winner of the K-Bar raffle was J.T. Bullock and was presented the K-Bar by
Detachment Commandant Richard Wills at the November 2013 Detachment meeting.
Presentation of National Commandant award for 100% Membership to Central Mississippi Detachment. Receiving for Central Mississippi Detachment was
Detachment Commandant Billy Henderson.
Presentation of National Commandant award for 100% Membership to Mississippi Coast Detachment. Receiving for Mississippi Coast Detachment was
Detachment Commandant Harry Sharpe.
National Commandant Distinguished Citizenship Award was presented to
Department Commandant Pat Tutor.
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