Department Commandant

Provides leadership for the department of Mississippi.
Sets the example. Abides by the by-laws and policies of the Marine Corps League.
Presides at department meetings as prescribed by the League Ritual.
Appoints stand committees as necessary.
Directs department activities.
Monitors financial matters together with the adjutant/paymaster.
Ensures that all department officers perform the duties of their office.
Installs detachment officers.

Senior Vice Commandant

Shall assist the Commandant as needed.
Should be familiar with the duties of the Commandant.
During the absence of the Commandant performs the duties of that office. (Except the signing of checks is not authorized.)
Chairs committees as directed by the Commandant.

Junior Vice Commandant

Creates and promulgates membership incentives and programs that will promote membership growth.
Serves as the chair of committees to promote recruiting and retention.
Seeks to identify areas where new detachments may be established.
In the absence or illness of the Commandant or Senior Vice he shall perform the duties of the absent officer.
If the adjutant is absent, he will take the minutes of the meeting and forward them to the adjutant.

Judge Advocate

Interprets the Detachment, Department, and National Bylaws.
He will advise, counsel, and render opinions on questions of law and procedure for the Department Commandant.
If necessary, refers the problem to the next higher echelon of the MCL.
Assures that policies and procedures of the Department are in conformity with the National Bylaws.


Keep a typewritten record of the proceedings at all Department meetings.
Keep a record of all Department correspondence as directed by the Commandant.
Forwards Officer Installation and other reports to National Headquarters.
Keeps a ledger of all money received and expended by the department.
Maintains receipts and records of spending and reports the financial condition of the Department at regular meetings.

Sergeant at Arms

Shall set up the meeting room as prescribed by the Ritual.
Will ensure that each member is wearing the proper uniform.
Shall participate in the presentation and honoring of colors at meetings and ceremonies.
Will assure that good order is maintained during the meeting.


Will pronounce the prayer at opening and closing of meetings.
Takes an active part in all memorial ceremonies and funeral services in which his Department participates.
Forwards the report of death to National Headquarters.
Advises the Commandant in instances where the League may assist Marines in need.